RPGLE as a Web Service

See the lifecycle for how traditional ILE programs can be exposed as consumable APIs with the use of SQL and open-source technologies like Node.js. We’ll go from slides with modern and legacy program examples to doing a demo showing how to utilize those programs.

Introduction to VS Code for IBM i

Maybe you’ve used VS Code before, maybe you haven’t – but have you used it for your IBM i development? Visual Studio Code can be used for all your RPGLE, COBOL, CL, etc, and this will cover installation, writing code, developer tools, creating programs, and much more. Learning Objectives: 1. Learning about what VS Code […]

RPG, MVC Architecture and Modernization

Developing ILE code requires the developer to change their thought processes, gone are the large programs doing complicated processes. ILE requires the developer to think in small easily managed procedures. Reusable procedures, modules, and service programs Learning Objectives 1. Why use Model View Controller architecture 2. Improve developers understanding of service programs 3. Learn why […]

Modernization and 21st Century Skills

Faced with pressure from upper management, learn how different companies moved their company’s software into the 21st century. Why 21 st century technologies, require systematic training. We will discuss the steps these companies have followed to modernize their business and IT staff spending significantly less money and time than moving off the platform. Topics Covered […]