Navigating IBM i /Performance Tooling

Using Access Client Solutions and Navigator for i, overview of how to monitor and optimize your system and application performance. Navigator for i custom charts, performance data investigator (PDI), graph history, monitors, and SQL performance center – let’s make sense of the IBM i data collections.

Audit Journaling with Navigator for i

Understand how Navigator for i can make ease the use of audit journaling on the IBM i. Learn how Navigator simplifies configuring auditing to just a few button clicks. See how Navigator can make consuming and analyzing audit entries easier. Learn about what is planned to improve the performance of analyzing audit entries. Learning Objectives: […]

Navigator for I From an Administrator’s View

IBM Navigator for i is the web based interface for accessing, managing, and monitoring your IBM i. A brand new version has been released. This session will look at how to get started, how to best leverage this interface for one user or an entire company. We will look at some of the administrative features […]

Navigator for I from a Developer’s Perspective

Do you think that Navigator for i is just for system administrators? Think again! Navigator for i is a powerful tool for all IBM i users, including developers. In this session, you will get an overview of how Navigator for i works and learn about specific functions that developers can use to make their lives […]

IBM i services for developers

IBM i services provided by Db2 for i can be used to access system information that is useful for developers. In the past you may have considered using CL or coding to system APIs to access and work with some system information. Today there is a better option: SQL. In this session you will learn […]