SQLRPGLE The better file Access

We will learn and explore how you can go from record level access to embedded sql and from that how can you streamline your programming process by using embedded sql. We will look at how to handle sql exceptions and go through why you should convert to using embedded sql instead of record level access. […]

Recent additions to modern RPG language

Over the past ten years RPG has transformed itself into a modern free form language. In recent the recent releases, 7.4 and 7.5, there have been additions there have been enhancements made that have passed many people by. Simon will demonstrate his favorite additions.

Tricks with Spool Files using SQL

In the past few releases and TRs IBM has introduced a number of SQL views and table functions that allow anyone to do things to spool files that they would have had to use APIs or complex programming. Become the superstar at your company with the knowledge on how to do all of this with […]

Simon’s top 10 SQL favorites

IBM Champion Simon Hutchinson has written a lot about modern Db2 for i and SQL on his blog for the past nine years. In this session he will take you through his top 10 favorites. You will have to attend to learn what these cool SQL tricks and tips are!

Session Processing JSON with DB2 and RPG

IBM has done some great things that allow DB2 to process JSON objects. This session shows you “Tips and Tricks” to make your life easier when you start working with JSON data. After a short discussion of the HTTP functions that have been added to SYSTOOLS and how they can be used with the JSON_TABLE […]