AI on Power

Public interest in AI capabilities has skyrocketed over the past year thanks to the popularization of generative AI models like ChatGPT. But did you know that your Power servers come with several AI-focused advantages baked into the hardware? Join Sophia and HuiJiao for a discussion around AI on Power, and how you can take advantage […]

IBM I Strategy – Opening Session

The strategy for IBM i is built around foundational ideas – principles which guide the decisions we make about IBM i. What are the guiding principles of IBM i’s strategy, and why are they part of it?

Machine Learning On The IBM i

The next big revolution in business applications is here, and its name is machine learning. Machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, is the ability for computers to see patterns and relationships in data that are too complex for us to recognize by ourselves. This allows computers, including your IBM i, to build mathematical models […]