Git Based Source Code Management for IBM i DevOps

Have you ever wondered why tens of millions of developers around the world have adopted Git for managing their source code? Did it shock you when Microsoft paid $7.5 Billion for a site that hosted Git repositories (GitHub)? Has your IBM i team been asked by your leadership to adopt the same “CI/CD tooling” that […]

Monitor and Manage IBM i with SQL Services

IBM i Services are provided by Db2 for i and can be used to access and manage the IBM i operating system. This session will include many examples of how to use IBM i Services to modernize administration on IBM i. Invest in understanding this alternative to existing IBM i APIs and commands.

Advanced SQL made simple

SQL is a very powerful language. In this session, we will dig into some more advanced SQL topics such as joins, common table expressions, recursive queries, some data definition topics, and more.

Recent Db2 Enhancements: Greatest Hits

New features are added to the database twice a year. With this continual delivery of enhancements, it is easy to overlook some of the new additions. In this session, Sue will share some of her favorites from the last several years.