Power10 for the MITEC Audience

Did you know that the entire IBM Power server family has now been refreshed with Power10 processor technology? Starting in September, 2021, IBM introduced the Power10 E1080 enterprise system and in July, 2022, IBM introduced the rest of the product family which includes the S1014, S1022/S1022s and S1024. New IBM i software subscription and hardware/software/support […]

Introduction to Open Source on IBM i

Introductory and survey level discussion that looks at the installation of the Open Source solutions on IBM i. We’ll also review many of the components available via open source and discuss the PASE environment. If you’ve been on the outside looking in at Open Source, this is the place to start. Learning Objectives: 1. Understand […]

Python Productivity: Python Fundamentals

With no background we will start with the fundamentals of the Python language, installation and execution with the goal of mastering Python modules to access systems & Db2 to accomplish tasks such as creating pdfs, spreadsheets and a wiki natively on IBM i.

PHP Tips in 50 Minutes

Python has been a round for a while and even on IBM i. In this session we’ll explore many of the various Python tips I’ve run across over the last few years. come on, come all!