Lets learn the Acronyms

SQLRPGLE? DR? RPGLE? BRMS? What in the world does all of these mean? This session is to help newcomers understand a good chunk of the IBM I acronyms and give them a jump start in their career. Learning Objectives: 1) Give newcomers a leg up in discussions with others on the platform that use these […]

IBM i Business Resiliency

In this session, you will be introduced to the world of IBM i business continuity and what you need to know to deliver the RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) your business needs to stay competitive and operational in today’s high demand business environment. From simple physical tape backups to full-blown Active/Active […]

IBM i In A Modern Compute Environment

Ever wonder how companies harness the massive performance of POWER8 along with the reliability and scalability of IBM i while remaining agile and competitive in a world dominated by mobile, analytics, and cloud? Let’s face it, in our line of business, our counterparts are demanding, but for good reason. The ability to quickly deliver innovative […]

Benefits of IBM i and External Storage

In this session we will dive into the benefits of external storage for IBM i and how IBM’s storage portfolio complements the demands of IBM i shops of all sizes. With Security, High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and Data Growth continuing to be among the top concerns for IBM i shops, we look to external storage […]

The Path to the IBM i Cloud

Every company’s cloud journey is at a different pace, or sometimes that journey does not make sense to start at all.  In this presentation you will learn if the path to the Cloud is the right fit for your organization and hear an overview of the Datanational IBM i Cloud. We will discuss the following […]