RPG and CL Speaks Open Source

I come from the world of the traditional RPG developer. And I arrive bearing open-source peace offerings for my fellow IBM i travelers. When I started my IBM i development journey back in the eighties I was constantly developing custom RPG programs and CL command utilities to help get work done easier. After 30+ years […]

RPG and External Database Integration

Chances are that your organization may have the need for RPG applications to share and exchange data with databases other than DB2. Maybe your order management or ecommerce system is on a web server running SQL Server, PostgreSQL or MySQL/MariaDB. Or maybe you need to create SQLite files to expose data to a mobile application. […]

How to Remain Relevant in a changing IT Environment

Education in today’s IT and Business Environment challenges both the Company and the employee. What skills are needed to provide for today’s (and tomorrow’s) business needs? How does the company and the employee deal with these challenges? How to decide; what to learn, how to learn and when to learn, while planning for future needs. […]