Accelerate your Excel!

  • Are you intimidated by spreadsheets? Do you use Excel for the basics, but know you could be so much more productive with it if only you knew how? Do you cringe when other business people within your company ask for data in spreadsheet form? Excel is a wonderful tool, especially when paired with the IBM i! It’s incredibly powerful, and can save you lots of time. This session will begin with the basics and then progress through more advanced Excel topics such as functions, pivot tables, and array formulas. Using real life examples, you’ll see how these new skills will help you in your career. Finally, we’ll review powerful methods of pulling data from your IBM i directly into Excel spreadsheets! You’ll even leave with sample code you can leverage within Excel to give you one click access to run an SQL statement from your desktop, and have the results returned in a spreadsheet. After each of the 25 topics covered, we’ll review by playing Excel Bingo, for prizes! Learn some great new Excel skills, have some fun, and maybe leave with a prize!
  • Learning Objectives – After participating in this session, attendees should have the skills and tools to:
    • Understand the benefits of using Excel
    • Use spreadsheets to improve your own productivity as well as that of your company
    • Pull data from your IBM i directly into a spreadsheet in a variety of ways
  • Audience:
    • Anyone who has ever had to work with a spreadsheet will benefit from the skills gained during this session. We will start with the basics, but even experienced Excel users will find useful information in this session.

Location: VT460 Date: June 6, 2017 Time: 2:40 pm - 3:45 pm Steve Wolk