An RPG Web App Server – Who Knew?

If you’ve ever done web app development on IBM i you probably know that you can use RPG to write CGI based web applications and services. However these apps require you to use an external web server such as Apache to host the application and there is complexity in debugging these apps. You can also use IWS to host RPG-based web services, but it requires a special Java server to make those services available to the outside world which can make life unnecessary complex.

What if there was a way to create fully self-contained web applications and web services with RPG? This session will cover how to quickly get started creating your own self-contained, RPG-based web applications and web API servers. You will learn a pattern for creating simple RPG-based web apps. You will learn how to expose DB2 data and existing RPG logic as web services. And you will learn how to interact with and debug your new services from RPG as well as other open-source languages, external web applications and services.

Attend this session to see how quickly your RPG application business logic can be modernized and used in web apps and web services without re-engineering your entire RPG code base.

Learning Objectives:
1. Use RPG as a web application server
2. Use RPG as a REST web API server
3. Eliminate the need to use an Apache web server
4. Re-purpose your existing RPG business logic easily with web apps and services

Location: W205 Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 1:20 pm - 2:30 pm Richard Schoen