Worst Practices in Systems Management (Also Known as ‘Tales from the Datacenter’)

We’ve all heard stories of things gone wrong, some were just bad, some were horrible, and some were just plain hilarious! The more you know of these gruesome Tales from the Datacenter the more likely you can avoid them. This session will also allow for user feedback where the horrible terrible and very bad experiences of audience members will be added to the speakers experiences and used as educational tools to prevent those problems from killing us. You have been warned! System admins, facility managers, developers – everyone has an opportunity to be the “hero” or the “zero” in their company. This session will help you learn from the mistakes of others and lessen the cases of you being the “zero”.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn how the “Titanic effect” of cascading failures and mistakes often compounds a problem.
2. Learn simple tips and tricks for avoiding being the cause of an outage or disaster.

Location: VT425 Date: June 6, 2017 Time: 10:40 am - 11:45 am Larry Bolhuis