Words to Live by: A Blueprint for Success

  • Would you like to be more successful in life? Do you have goals you haven’t yet reached, or haven’t even tried to reach? What is it about some people that allows them to succeed at virtually everything they do? Take a break from all the technical sessions, and join us for a look at what makes people successful. Discover the relationship between how you think and what you achieve. We’ll discuss these topics using meaningful quotes, combined with funny and poignant stories. Discovering the power behind these “Words to Live by” can lead to a more productive and successful outlook on life! We’ll examine the habits and mindsets of successful people that you can apply to your own life, perhaps leading to your own greater success! A lifelong study of the characteristics of successful people has led to the discovery of 12 key principles to follow. Join us for this uplifting session, and learn all 12 principles and many more motivational “Words to Live by”!
  • After participating in this session, attendees should have the skills and vision to:
    • Understand the relationship between mindset and success
    • Determine what life changes may lead to greater success in reaching your goals
    • Develop a plan for yourself to implement those life changes by altering your outlook on life
  • Audience:
    • Anyone who strives for greater success in life will benefit from the skills gained during this session.

Location: VT550 Date: June 6, 2017 Time: 10:40 am - 11:45 am Steve Wolk