When IBM i APIs Aren’t Enough: High-Volume Event Driven Message Queuing

Are you facing limitations with traditional IBM i integrations when it comes to handling high-volume data exchanges in and out of your i? Discover the transformative potential of high-volume event-driven message queuing. Join us as we explore how message queuing technologies like Apache Kafka and Azure Pub Sub can augment your IBM i ecosystem, empowering […]

30 Python Tips in 60 Minutes

Python on IBM i has been around for a while now. In this session we explore many of the various tips I’ve run across over the last few years. These tips apply to both Python and/or the IBM i environment running the Python scripts. Tips include best practices, IFS features, pathing and MUCH more. Learning […]

IBM i Shops: Prepare for DevOps

DevOps is a long twisting road that has no destination. But even more harrowing can be the tasks needed to prepare before embarking on this life-changing adventure. In the session we will explore several aspects that should be explored before embarking down the DevOps Road, all based upon open source implementations which means there is […]

Python Test Driven Development

User Acceptance Testing should not be the only testing tool in your arsenal. Building a solid Python application is easy if you automate the boring testing process. And EVERY SOLID DevOps process depends on automated testing. In this session we’ll explore how easy automated testing can be in Python, get it done with several examples […]

What’s new with Open Source

Open source solutions have been on the IBM i platform for many years but recently the number of solutions deployed here has blossomed. Join Mike as he explores the latest news regarding packages and solution features available in IBM i Open Source Package Management and beyond. Learning Objectives: 1) Review updates to the popular languages […]