The 10-Question Framework for High Performance, Secure IBM i APIs

A recent report by Rapid concluded that 64% of small companies used up to 10 internal APIs and 40% of large companies used up to 250 or more internal APIs in 2022. And the trend is growing in 2023. The explosion of the API economy is making it increasingly difficult to compete without a robust API strategy for both providing API access to your applications and data and for using APIs to add capabilities to your systems.

IBM i users are finding that creating, using, and protecting APIs involves much more than simply creating an HTTP endpoint for accessing programs and data. APIs as a doorway to your systems can be complex to design and implement. They must make your systems easy to access while protecting your valuable data and applications from attacks.

This session will focus on how to create real-world, production-ready APIs that provide rich functionality while protecting your systems from harm. You will leave with a 10-question design framework that allows you to:

  1. Build High-Performance APIs
  2. Access APIs From Your IBM i Applications
  3. Comprehensively Secure Your APIs
  4. Manage and Monitor Your APIs

Location: W210B Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 1:20 pm - 2:30 pm Dan Magid