Top 3 IBM i Integration Use Cases in 2024: Texting, EDI, and Pub/Sub

APIs are grabbing headlines, but what types of integrations are IBM i shops really focusing on out in the field?

In this session, Dan and Aaron will outline the top 3 IBM i integration use cases gaining traction in 2024 based on their hands-on experience with customers.

For each customer-driven use case, you’ll learn:

1. The business context and drivers
2. The integration architecture
3. Key technologies used for each solution
4. How you can do it yourself

Key learning highlights include:

• The top 3 IBM i integration use cases emerging in 2024
• Integration design considerations
• Important decisions for managing integrations
• How to optimize and secure integrations
• How to secure your integrations with the latest in security technology

Location: VT425 Date: June 4, 2024 Time: 1:20 pm - 2:30 pm Dan Magid