Doug Grayer

Doug Grayer started his IT career as a AS400 operator for a major manufacturing company in the Detroit area.  He was promoted to Network Administrator, before leaving to take a position as a Network Engineer, for a Major Insurance Company in the Detroit area.  While working at the insurance company he wore multiple hats with responsibilities including Unix, Storage, and Backup and Recovery(BUR).  While working as the Storage administrator, he was entrusted to upgrade the UNIX storage from 300MB drives to an astounding 1GB (AMAZING) drives.  During the upgrade an entire array was lost (at 1AM), after opening an IBM PMR, within an hour or so, the Network Administrator (Doug Grayer) was able to salvage his job.  This is when Doug found his passion for Storage & BUR.  He took on a consulting position with a local IBM Business Partner, where he spent several years working for a major automotive company, running the BUR operations while assisting with documenting and designing future plans for Storage and BUR.  Doug Grayer joined IBM in 2012 as a Technical Sales Specialist, in order to help customers maximize storage utilization and take advantage of the advancements in IBM Storage technology, that would benefit their company and allow them to “do more with less”.

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